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1.800.222.5955, ext. HELP (4357)


A Plan to Restore Your Network

When the weather is unpredictable, you can rely on Power & Tel. We'll respond to your emergency in times of natural disaster or emergency situations impacting communication operations. We can help identify the essential materials to efficiently and effectively get your network running again.

Contact our 24/7 Emergency Response Hotline: 1.800.222.5955, ext. HELP (4357).


800+ Suppliers  |  20K+ Stocked Products  | 99.9% Accurate Delivery

Our deep industry relationships ensure unfailing access to the products and brands that accelerate innovation. Solving supply chain challenges is our core strength. We're here for you in times of emergency and national disaster — and we always go the extra mile to get you the right product, at the right time, every time.

Our extensive distribution system provides an effective way to get the wide range of products you need to restore your network.

Power & Tel is headquartered on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, one of the distribution capitals of the world. We have tens of thousands of in-stock products ready to ship from warehouses across the United States. 

Emergency Response Team

Essential Supply List

Products to help you restore your network

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National Strand 1/4 EHS

1/4" EHS Strand (5000' reels), Part #14EHS5000

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6" Helix Screw Anchor

6" Helix Screw Anchor, Part #J6526WCA

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PLP Guy Guard

Guy Guard, Part #PG5718

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Bolt 12" Machine

12" Machine Bolt, Part #J8812

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4H Split Bolt Connector

Split Bolt Connector, Part #4H

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24" DA Bolt

24" DA Bolt, Part #J8874

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0.45 Lashing Wire

0.45 Lashing Wire, Part #045430.WWRUS

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5/8 Square Nut

5/8" Square Nut, Part #J8563

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Clamp D Lashing Wire

Clamp D Lashing Wire, Part #2609010

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5/8 Square Washer

5/8" Square Washer, Part #J1074

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5/8" x 8' Ground Rod

5/8" x 8' Ground Rod (UL Listed), Part #615883

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Down Guy Attachment

Down Guy Attachment, Part #J25164

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Power & Tel Emergency Response Hotline

1.800.222.5955, ext. HELP (4357)