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CommScope FTTH ePlanner

A Fully Interactive Guide for Telco Service Providers in North America

For RDOF winners, the opportunities are immense, but so are the challenges. That's why CommScope developed the interactive FTTH ePlanner, a fully interactive guide designed to help telco service providers and network engineers in the U.S. and Canada plan the best fiber networks for their specific application needs.

How To Use the Interactive ePlanner

Learn more about how to use the interactive ePlanner in the Overview or video. Then download the fully interactive FTTH ePlanner by submitting the form on this page.

The interactive ePlanner takes you step by step through the major infrastructure decisions—from the central office, feeder and distribution network to the inside of the customer’s home.

Each section introduces you to the key topologies, product types and design considerations involved in building your network. Interactive decision trees guide you in configuring a customized broadband network design and understanding the product options to implement your strategy.

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Power & Tel has the inventory for your network builds—solving supply chain challenges is our core strength.

When you get everything from one source, you can reduce inventory costs, eliminate waste, and increase your productivity and revenue. Contact us for an RDOF consultation or price quote today.

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