200 Keough Drive Piperton, TN 38017

Meet Power & Tel's World Headquarters

We are proud to present our world headquarters. Located in Piperton, TN, this facility represents continued growth and our commitment to stellar customer service.

Power & Tel's new global headquarters in Piperton, TN

For more than 50 years, our organization has called the Greater Memphis Area home. As we grew and expanded our services to markets across North America, it became clear that a state-of-the-art facility was needed to meet our growing customer base.

The two-year process of site scouting, conceptualization and building resulted in our innovative distribution and business hub, one that aligns with the growth of Power & Tel.

“Our ultimate goal was to create a facility to serve our expanding presence in the communication technology space. As we continue to grow, pursue new partnerships and enter new markets, our headquarters will be able to amply accommodate that growth.”

Jennifer Sims, CEO

Power & Tel’s headquarters in Piperton houses much of its sales and office staff, and a large share of its distribution space. It also has offices throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Its previous headquarters will be donated to Memphis-based nonprofits and community businesses.


Power & Tel | 200 Keough Drive | Piperton TN  38017

ISO 9001:2015 & TL9000:2016 Certified | www.ptsupply.com


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Warehouse Area - 200,000 sq ft

Office Area - 40,000 sq ft