Flexible MPO Solutions: Highly Dense, Low Profile Fiber Infrastructure

Flexible MPO Solutions for Data Centers

Multi-Fiber Push-On Connector (MPO):

MPO higher density structured cabling allows you to run many fibers from main distribution points to the field terminating in high density, cassette based patch panels. A concern created by MPO solution that depending on transmission speed and infrastructure  design it is both polarity and gender dependent requiring the engineer to order the appropriate termination every time or because project delays. 

The new FlexMPO Connector:

•  Removable/reversible housing that can be changed in the field to alter fiber polarity

•  Gender M to F, F to M that can be changed in the field

•  True push/pull insertion/removal of the connector by holding the housing only

•  Patented insertion/removal tool

•  Shortest booth available in the industry

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