State of American Cities Study: The Aspirational City

State of American Cities Study

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How are American cities addressing broadband challenges? SNG-Report Cvr.jpg

Successful cities continually strive to offer quality of life and economic opportunities to compete and attract people and businesses. Like clean water, good roads, and reliable electricity, high-speed internet (broadband) access is an essential service for local governments, households, businesses, and organizations. Cities that aspire to ensure affordable and ubiquitous broadband, along with smart city services, enhance quality of life and create an environment people will choose to live and work.

This research study provides key insights on how cities across the United States are addressing gaps, barriers, and opportunities for broadband. The study’s findings and lessons learned can help cities that have already taken steps toward broadband challenges as well as those cities considering upgrading their broadband. Topics to be covered include:

  • Network Drivers and Planning
  • Network Financing
  • Network Use and Value
  • Lessons Learned

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SNG's Report, The Aspirational City