Next Generation Fiber Optic Networks

Speeds Installation and Delivers Fiber to Today's Environments


FieldShield Optical Fiber Protection System

Offers you the integrated fiber management, protection and delivery platforms for success-based strategy fiber deployments.

FieldShield is a  new fiber delivery method aimed at reducing the cost of broadband deployment, a turnkey package to take fiber through the fields and streets to the home or business, up the tower to the antenna or throughout the riser to the data center or desk. Used in conjunction with Clearfield's FieldSmart Fiber Management Solutions for the central office, outside plant, and access networks, FieldShield delivers and protects fiber through every distribution point of the network.

Looking for more options? Here are some of the benefits of using FieldShield:

  • FieldShield Pushable Fiber and connectors reduce the need for in-field splicing
  • FieldShield Pushable Fiber is available in a variety of fiber counts: 1 to 12 fibers in a 3mm jacket and up to 24 fibers in a 4mm jacket.
  •  A variety of FieldShield Couplers are available for joining Microducts. Availbale now: 8mm to 8mm, 8mm to 10mm, 12.7mm to 12.7mm, 10mm to 12.7mm and 14mm to 14mm.